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ICH Logistics is a new breed Logistics Solutions Provider with over 20 years of E2E Supply Chain expertise acquired by ‘getting-in-the-trenches’ to understand and resolve ‘pain-points’ of the of Pharmaceuticals (Researched, Generics), Life Sciences, Medical Device Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Clinics) as well as Patients. We are committed to providing a validated platform to Pharma, Life Sciences & Medical Device organisations to enable efficient product delivery into the Healthcare market ensuring Integrity& Safety of your Products though Chain-of-Custody controls.

We offer emerging market channels of Distribution;

  • Direct-2-Pharmacy
  • Direct-2-Hospital
  • Direct-2-Clinic
  • Direct-2-Patient
  • Through traditional Wholesalers
  • Through Distributors

Our Consultancy services offer the expertise in;

  • Warehouse Outsourcing
  • Warehouse In-housing from 3PL
  • Audit & Implement DC Layout efficiencies
  • Warehouse Process re-engineering, Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory Optimisation

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