Product Lifecycle Management

There are ‘time and cost’ pressures at both ends of PLM which need to be managed effectively. On top of that the regulatory obligations require you to maintain supply of your products (e.g. Consumables for your Capital Equipment). Our Team can work with you to help resolve these challenges, creating ‘Value Chain Solution’ complimenting your product marketing strategy.

New Product Launch

New Product Launch

  • Demand Sensing/Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Product Procurement & Launch Plan
  • Strategic Product Placement for Launch
  • Launch
  • Measure Launch Performance

End of Life Product Management

  • Product Phase-Out-Phase-In Plan
  • Narrowing Distribution Channel to One
  • Minimising Inventory Holding
  • Improving bottom-line (eliminating waste)
  • Follow the Phase-Out plan for EOL Product
  • Phase-In New Product
  • Close the PLM Process loop

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