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Modern Supply Chains are a set of complex activities driven aggressively by the educated, well-informed & demanding Consumers in the market place, forcing organisations to create and establish new Sales and Distribution channels.

We can help you navigate the challenges you face from Upstream (Suppliers) as well as Downstream (Consumers) to achieve successful outcomes that are aligned with your own Strategic imperatives. We can also help identify profitable Products, Channels and all-important Customers by undertaking ‘Cost-2-Serve’ analysis, Operational Efficiency Review and Supply Chain Audit.

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Demand Planning & Forecasting

We understand that efficient Supply Chains require robust Demand Planning process that integrates Demand Sensing, Market Intelligence, Product Lifecycle, Financial Imperatives and Scenario Planning in a somewhat automated but well-defined & repeatable process. Depending upon the size of your organisation or portfolio of your products, we can help you to establish a model and implement a ‘fit-for-purpose’ system solution to achieve better Forecast Accuracy that delivers cost savings and improves Customer Service levels.

Sales & Operations Planning

This is inevitably a most important strategic process in your organisation that has a direct impact on your Sales Performance (Revenue). Customer Service (Fill-Rates), Cash-flow (opportunity) and ultimately, Profitability (enhanced ROIC). It allows all major functions (Sales, Marketing, Finance & Operations) a collaborative platform to make better decisions and take accountability that lead to successful strategy implementation for the organisation.

A robust S&OP (Expert People, Quality Processes, Accurate Data and suitable System) is a competitive advantage for the organisation and we can assist you with providing S&OP framework and implement planning cycles through robust processes (standard operating procedures).

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Savvy Consumers are demanding and pushing the Organisations to create cost-efficient yet extended Supply Chains which have inherently embedded risks due to its global nature and lead-time pressures.  Offshoring and Outsourcing add many more layers of complexity, if left unmanaged or misunderstood, can cause serious disruptions in the Supply Chains resulting in lost revenue and unhappy Customers with negative impact on brand loyalty.

We undertake a quick study to understand the end-2-end supply chains, conduct an audit to identify weaker-links, potential strategic & operational. Then work with you to create and implement the Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Plan increasing resilience in supply chain and improving overall organisational performance.

Inventory Optimisation

Inventory is often the biggest investment in any organisation that is the life blood, however, rarely scrutinized to the level of its importance due to its complexity and dependence on the organisation wide processes. Inventory optimisation requires an integrated and focused effort in all facets of supply chain and financial processes. Our experience is that organisations often hold too much inventory of the wrong SKU’s and not enough of the urgently needed SKU’s, resulting in large obsolescence and write-offs as well as lost revenue due to stock-outs.

We can assist you in identifying the core issues with the key operational processes, inventory holding, sourcing strategies and supply contracts to devise an optimisation plan with you. Then we can help you implement the plan until the required results are achieved.

Warehouse Management System

It is breathtaking to see so many businesses still working on manual warehouse operations without any WMS. We believe, it is not that the business is not willing to get some automation, it is a fact that small to medium businesses do not have the time or expertise to venture out to implement technological improvements.

We can provide you with the expertise to streamline the warehouse operations through analysing the transaction data, engineering the warehouse layout design and implementing ‘fit-4-purpose’ WMS to complement your business objectives.

Warehouse Outsourcing

It may not be the best in all cases but traditional method of outsourcing the warehouse operations is through tendering.

3PL tendering is a challenging process that involves complex set of activities to achieve a successful placement. As we are a provider, we apply our expertise to take out the complexity by focusing on the key deliverables from the Client perspective and matching it with like-4-like services offered by the market leading Logistics Service Providers.

For a successful outsourcing project (3PL implementation) starts with;

  • Selecting the ‘Right-Fit’ LSP for the Organisation through a robust tendering process
  • LSP negotiations focused on the Key Deliverables/KPI’s to create a Contract Document
  • Creating Project Implementation Plan with clearly defined timelines and well understood tasks, responsibilities & objectives
  • Execution of the Project Implementation Plan flawlessly
  • Follow-up with Client & LSP to ensure smooth operation

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